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and local partners to ensure people are safe. we have to see how this goes. we're all hoping for the best and for the people's safety. >> okay, stephanie cutter, thank you very much. >>> let's turn to newt gingrich. mr. speaker, thanks for coming in this morning. you just heard stephanie cutter there. she believes their campaign is ahead in ohio. your response? >> well, i think you put your finger on it with "the des moines register," here's a newspaper that hasn't endorsed a republican in 40 years, now they were for obama four years ago, they switched. the fact is, the paper in florida this morning did the same thing, pro-obama, it switched. in ohio, we clearly have gained ground. i think across the country, we have. and if you look at the internals of the washington post poll, i doubt that obama will carry virginia. don't know if it's the economy or the benghazi. where we had this strange story over the weekend that the secretary of defense apparently refuse to obey the president's order, if the president is telling the truth and he instructed his assistants to get aid to benghazi, we'r
is local. this year may be no politics is local. a national trend. all of the marginal states tip the same way. but the republicans going in, defending only ten seats, attacking 23, it should have been easier for them than this. >> andrew sullivan, so much discussion it turns out on rape with aiken and mourdock. >> that's interesting. will the republicans interpret their results in the senate with the function of them moving way far to the right. in interpret that, there might be hope. i'm supporting president obama to keep the republican party from being completely insane. but, mourdock and aiken are the lead stories. >> nicolle, aiken may cost them a senate seat in missouri. >> probably will. >> there's this senate seat in massachusetts. >> she's not so crazy. vote for president obama and vote for me. folks involved in the senate race on the national level it's working. it's tightened her race. the other thing about connecticut is when our lights go out they stay out. it's like, you know, the dark ages, literally, this may be a state where we can evaluate after the fact the ground game.
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3 (some duplicates have been removed)